Christmas is over. Now what??

The holiday has come and gone.  I must say I did fairly well.  No gluten ingested (that I know of) but I have to admit I did go a little overboard on my husband’s dark chocolate covered acai berries.  Couldn’t stay out of the bag.  Yum!  But way too much sugar and I could definitely feel it the next day.  I have been working out at least every other day as well.  Enjoying working out for the first time in a long while.  I continue to see changes in my body daily despite a weight loss slow down.  I know it’s to be expected, but now that I am working out I realize I am toning up and that’s a very good thing right now.  I need things firm up a bit.  :)

I ended my 21 day detox on Christmas Eve eve.  It wasn’t too terrible, but I was glad it was over.  I had really looked forward to eating some cheese and nuts other non gluten grains that I had to forgo for three weeks.  I didn’t feel the burst of energy that I should have and that may be because I had a lot of nasty stuff to get out of my liver.  I so looked forward to being able to eat some things on the ‘do not eat’ list when I was done with the detox.  My first restaurant of choice to celebrate was Chipotle.  Enjoyed it very much.

Now I am looking forward to New Year’s Eve.  No specific plans for going out.  We will probably just stay home and watch The Walking Dead marathon on AMC.   What are your plans???  How is being gluten free going to factor in to your celebration???  Or will you be more aware of gluten when you do go out if you haven’t started yet???

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Happy New Year,

Gluten Free Gena

PS.  Once the holidays are over, some of my gluten free friends have promised to write a blurb about how they came to be GF, so watch out for that in the coming weeks.

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