Orange Cranberry Quinoa Salad

Orange cranberry quinoa salad

I had quite a few people ask for the recipe so I am putting on here for y’all.  :)

Orange Cranberry Quinoa Salad


1 cup quinoa

2 cups water

2 large leaves of kale

2 cups fresh cranberries

2TBS extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp honey

2 TBS grated orange zest

6 small oranges

1/4 cup mixed nuts, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup pomegranate arils

1/4 cup fresh mint, chopped


1.  Rinse with water: 1 cup quinoa

2.  Bring water to boil.

3.  When water is boiling transfer rinsed quinoa to water and return to boil.

4.  Cover: reduce heat to low and continue to cook until the water is gone and quinoa is cooked, about 12-15 minutes.

5.  Wash, remove from stems and finely chop:

2 large leaves of kale, set aside.

6.  Pulse in a food processor to coarsely chop:

2 cups fresh cranberries

2 TBS olive oil

1 tsp honey

7.  When quinoa is done, transfer to a mixing bowl and mix with chopped kale.  Allow to cool to room temperature.

8.  Stir in with quinoa:

2 TBS grated orange zest

9.  Peel and coarsely chop:

6 small oranges

10.  When quinoa is completely cooled, gently stir in the oranges and cranberry mixture.

11.  Stir in:

1/4 cup coarsely chopped mixed nuts

1/4 cup pomegranate arils

1/4 cup chopped fresh mint

12.  cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Prep time:  10 min;  Cook time: 15 min;  Inactive time:  20 min. cooling time;

Difficulty:  easy;  Servings 8;  serving size 1/2 cup

It was was a hit at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving.  Nice flavors and went nicely with turkey.  Would be good with a roasted chicken as well.

Happy gluten free eating!!!



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