Welcome to my gluten-free corner of the world. :)



I have been thinking about what I would say in my first blog entry.  There are so many ideas floating through my head, I want to eventually get to each and every one of them, but here goes with my first thoughts about what I want this page to be.

First, I have started this blog so that I will be accountable to each and every one of you reading this.  I have to walk the walk, so to speak and although I feel that I am very committed to this lifestyle change,  there may be times that I waiver.  I am only human after all and I know that this will help me stay focused on my journey – with your help, of course!

There are so many gluten free blogs & facebook pages out there and I credit them with giving me the idea to start my own.  They all have really wonderful, useful and intriguing  information and they help me find recipes and encouragement each day.  I feel that blogging my experiences will in turn help others and will bolster my dedication to staying gluten free.  I don’t look at this as a “DIET”.  It is not.  It is a way of life. One, that in order for me to reach optimal health, I must follow for the rest of my life.  It sounds simple.  I know it is not.  I will stumble.  I may fall.  But I intend to always get up, dust myself off and continue on.

I will post more in the coming days and weeks about my journey to this point.  I will blog about how I discovered that I had a problem with gluten/sugar, what challenges I have faced in the past and the challenges that present themselves along the way.  And finally, I will  share my hopes for the future living gluten free in a gluten saturated world.

I am excited because I already have several people who are willing to share their experiences on this blog as well as yummy recipes they have found and a few they have developed themselves.  It takes a village and you are my village.  I am hoping this virtual community will help bolster the journey that each and every one of us are traveling and hopefully make it just a little bit easier along the way.

So I will end this first blog post with a promise to you.  I promise to be honest and up front about my experiences.  I will share thoughts and insights about my struggles and my triumphs.  And if one of you can glean something good from that then I would say I have accomplished something very good indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to my gluten-free corner of the world. :)

  1. Hello to my beautiful wife. What more can I say other than …. I’m very proud of you. And I’m glad that I get the honor of sharing in this incredibly journey of yours first hand.

    Love, light & life,


  2. This is great Gena!! I hope you are able to do well on your journey, and are able to draw inspiration from your own posts, as well as fellow bloggers post.

  3. Can’t wait to hear more. Hope you start with how you determined that you had this issue and the steps you took to get to this point.

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